How can I set up a good student profile?

Congratulations on completing your platform onboarding!

Now, let's ensure you make the most out of Vygo by setting up your profile promptly. This step is crucial for enhancing visibility among members and mentors on the platform, especially when you book sessions. Follow this comprehensive guide to navigate through the profile setup process.

Adjusting your availability:

    • You can switch your availability depending on your schedule. For an explanation of this, please have a look at this article.

Accessing Your Profile:

    • Head to your account and click on the first option in the dropdown menu, titled 'Profile.'

      Editing Your Profile:

    • Choose the 'Edit Profile' option.

Complete the following sections under your profile:

Profile Picture:

    • Use a recent, clear headshot to create a positive first impression.

      Introductory Video (Optional):

    • Create a 20-30 second video introducing yourself. This adds a personal touch to your profile.

      Your Information:

    • Review and update any necessary details captured during onboarding.


    • Add a one-liner tagline about yourself.

  • About Me Section:
    • Use up to 800 characters to showcase your personality, interests, and academic passion.


    • Specify your free slots and days for sessions. This is a mandatory field.


    • Choose one or more languages you are comfortable conversing in. This is a mandatory field.

Click 'Save Changes' on the bottom right of your screen.

Next, Navigate to the 'Account' option.

  • Manage Profile Info:
    • Regularly update your profile to ensure accuracy.


    • Customize the notifications you receive and their delivery preferences. You can refer to this article for more assistance.


    • Monitor feedback and reviews from past sessions.


    • Manage your authentication methods and connected accounts.

      Calendar Integration:

    • Connect your calendars to Vygo for better scheduling. Refer to this article for guidance.

      Need Support:

    • Click here for any assistance or questions.

Your last option is Support:

    • For further assistance, click on 'Support'

For a detailed walkthrough, watch this instructional video or contact [email protected].

A well-optimized profile enhances your Vygo experience, making it easier for mentors and peers to connect with you. Take a few minutes to set up and update your profile regularly for the best results.

Happy connecting on Vygo!