Navigating through the Vygo Platform

Welcome to the Vygo platform!

Your account dashboard is the central hub where you can access various features and functionalities tailored to enhance your academic support experience.

In this guide, we'll provide you with a detailed exploration of the key sections within your dashboard.

Dashboard Overview


    • Access all available programs under your university.
    • Click 'View All' to see a comprehensive list of programs and explore each in detail.
    • Gain insights to help determine the best fit for your needs.


    • Get a summary of users with whom you've had at least one chat session.
    • Easily access and review your chat history.


    • View and manage upcoming individual or 1-1 sessions.
    • Choose to accept, decline, or reschedule sessions based on your availability.
    • Learn more about booking sessions in this article.


    • Stay informed about upcoming group or program-wide events.
    • Choose to attend events that interest you.
    • Note: You can attend program-wide events even if you are not enrolled in the relevant program.

Under the 'Account' section, you have the ability to:

  • Make multiple changes to your profile.
  • Ensure your profile information is up to data and accurate as it is visible to all members and mentors.
  • Contact Vygo support for any questions.

For detailed instructions on setting up your account, refer to these useful articles:

Setting up a profile as a student.

Setting up a profile as a mentor.

For any questions reach out to [email protected] for more assistance.