How can I create a Group chat & a Group session?

Please contact your Program Manager at your institution in order for you to create group chats as a mentor.

Who can create group chat?

To be able to create a group chat, you must first be an approved mentor on the Vygo platform with permissions approved by your programme manager to create group chats.

Once you have successfully joined the program, and been approved to create group chat, proceed to your chats/messages.

Steps to 'Creating a Group chat'

STEP 1: Click the 'Start Group Chat option' on your screen.

STEP 2: Enter the details you see on this page:

  • Chat Name (Select any name for the group chat)
  • Program (Select the program in which you are hosting this group chat in)
  • Members (Click this and add the relevant members into this group chat. You can add upto 15 members in one group chat & you must have a minimum of 3 members)

STEP 3: Click 'Start Group Chat'

This will begin your group chat.

Step 4: Chat Settings

From your settings you could complete the following:

  • Mute Notifications
  • Leave chat
  • View members

Step 4: Creating a Group Session.

When engaging via a group chat, you will see a 'Create Group Session' option. When clicked you are required to provide the details below:

  1. Title
  2. Description (Optional)
  3. Date & Time
  4. Duration
  5. Location – online video will create a Vygo video room
  6. Broadcast Mode (There are two choices: either just the host can broadcast audio and video and screen-share, or all participants can)

STEP 5: Create your Group Session.

Once you have completed adding in the details above, press 'Create Group Session'.

For more assistance, please watch this video on creating a group session or reach out to [email protected]