What Are Vygo’s Standards and Expectations?

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Vygo has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of threatening behaviour, be it written, verbal or physical. The wellbeing of our users is of paramount importance, and we want to ensure all mentoring sessions are hosted in safe environments.

Session Locations

In pursuit of this, no sessions should ever be conducted in a private place – including in someone’s home. The majority of our partner institutions require sessions to be hosted either online or on campus, but if you do make arrangements to meet someone outside of these parameters, ensure it is in a public place. What’s more, Vygo asks all users to respect each other’s property, information and personal belongings.

Trust and Honesty

Mentorship requires a balance of shared expectations and honest interactions. Dependability and reliability are also key, so as a user, not only do you need to make sure you exchange accurate details with whomever you are partnered with – you also need to be on time.

Academic Integrity

In terms of academic integrity, Vygo has a solid reputation, and accordingly, we set high standards for our users. There is a large element of trust involved in engaging with a platform like Vygo, and we expect users to demonstrate honesty, respect and a sense of fairness. Users also need to take responsibility for their actions, especially when it comes to learning and all areas of academic work.