How Does Vygo Build Trust Between Mentee and Mentors?

At Vygo, we want to create a community that fosters meaningful, trusted and mutually beneficial relationships.

An essential part of this is facilitating the building of rapport between mentors and mentees.

This often begins with our in-app messaging tool, where mentees can reach out to mentors to find out whether they are the right fit.

To help ensure the safety of all users, Vygo has an inbuilt Escalation Pathway system in place. This expedites any and all critical incidents and situations to the user’s institution so that it can be dealt with.

It is important to note that when an issue, concern or grievance does arise while using the Vygo platform, users (including those who are not directly affected but have instead acquired information) have a responsibility to report it to Vygo, their institution’s administrator and/or directly to emergency services.

Due to privacy laws, if Vygo does not obtain a user’s disclosure via writing or by verbal communication, the Escalation cannot be initiated.

You can support our efforts to keep our platform safe by reporting users for harassment, inappropriate activity or anything else that is of concern using the ‘Report a Message’ functionality. Alternatively, you can contact the Vygo Technical Support Team using the support option which can be found under your account.

If you encounter an emergency, or if your safety is threatened, immediately contact local police or emergency services.

To learn exactly how to report a message that constitutes discrimination, harassment, abuse, hate speech or any other form of inappropriate conduct, read the ‘How do I report a message on the Vygo Platform?’ article.

Note: Mentors could be Buddies,Supporters,Tutors or anyone who is offering support to students in their academic journey!