What Should You Do if Someone Discloses Something Inappropriate, Personal or Against Vygo’s Terms and Conditions?

At Vygo, we expect that users observe appropriate standards of behaviour at all times while engaged in activities related to our platform.

When an issue, concern or grievance does occur, it is the responsibility of the user or information acquirer to report it to us, their institution’s administrator and/or directly to emergency services.

Reporting to Vygo can be completed through the support option which can be accessed from your account or via the 'Report a message' function.

If an issue or incident falls outside the scope of Vygo's technical support or platform guidance, it will be notified to your program manager.

In order to initiate an immediate investigation it is essential the Vygo team receives a user’s written or verbal disclosure. Without it, due to privacy concerns, incidents and issues cannot be escalated.

All users must abide by Vygo’s Terms and Conditions and their affiliated institution's policies at all times.

If an issue, concern or grievance does arise, Vygo will notify the partner within one business day and will ensure the user in question is provided with the relevant partner-specific support message.