How Does an Online Video Session Work?

Have you booked in an online session and don't know how it will work?

Here is a step by step guide on how to start and finish your online video session. Vygo recommends conducting online video sessions via the Vygo web app on a laptop, PC or tablet device for better video and functionality.

Step One - Open the booked session card available on your 'Dashboard' or under the 'Sessions > Booked' page.

Step Two - Click or tap the 'Join Video Session' button. A video room will be available 30-minutes prior to a booked session and 30-minutes after the scheduled session duration end.

Step Three - Once your session is complete, the mentor will end the session. The student & the mentor will both have the option of rating the session & providing any feedback.

Step Four - For the student, In addition to providing ratings, you will be asked a micro - survey where you would be required to provide the following information:

  • Improvements to Knowledge.
  • Improvements to Confidence.
  • Level of Mentor Communication.

This data will be available with your program manager for further review. Please contact them for more information on this if needed.