How Do I Accept or Decline an Event?

Once an event has been approved by the Vygo Technical Support Team, all mentees within the relevant program or subprogram will be sent an email notification informing them of its time, date, agenda and location.

The event will then be available on mentees’ 'Dashboards', as well as on the 'Events' page under the tab marked ‘Pending’.

STEP 1: To respond to an invitation, mentees need to click ‘I’m Attending’ or ‘I’m Not Attending’.

STEP 2: Accepted invitations will be moved to the 'Events' page under the ‘Booked’ tab, and will also be available on everyone’s 'Dashboards'.

STEP 3: If a mentee selects ‘I'm Not Attending’, the Event will be removed from their 'Dashboard' and will only appear on their 'Events' page under the tab ‘Other’.

How do you change your response to Events?

STEP 1: If you have declined a request for an event, but your circumstances have changed, and you can now attend, go to the 'Events' page.

STEP 2. Use the dropdown menu to navigate to the tab labelled 'Other', find the relevant Event and change your answer to ‘I'm Attending’.

Note: that this action will only work if the Event has not yet commenced.

Should you require more help, reach out to Vygo’s Technical Support Team via the support option which can be accessed from your account.

They will be more than happy to assist you!