What Do I Do if My Mentor or Mentee Does Not Turn Up for Our Session?

We hold Vygo users to a high standard of accountability, so it is rare for a mentor or mentee to not show up for a session; however, it does sometimes occur due to miscommunication, human error or emergency.

Firstly, using Vygo’s in-app chat feature, send the other party a message asking them why they did not show up for your scheduled session.

Next, you should check what No Show policies are written into your program procedure, which will have been provided to you by your institution.

If you have still not heard back from the other party, and your institution’s No Show policies don’t give you specific instructions, click the ‘Cancel Session’ button on the booked session card.

This is located on the 'Sessions' page under the ‘Booked’ tab, which can be accessed using the dropdown menu.

Please feel free to contact our friendly Technical Support Team via the support option on your account if you need further guidance or assistance regarding this matter.