How Do I Book An Online Video Session?

If you’d like your mentoring session to be conducted online, you need to select this as an option when you book. It is important to note that mentors cannot request a session with a mentee - this functionality is only available for mentees.

Note: Vygo recommends conducting online video sessions via the Vygo web app on a laptop, PC or tablet device for better video and functionality.

For all online sessions, Vygo’s video room will become available 30 minutes before the mentoring is scheduled to begin. It will continue to be available for 30 minutes after the session is finished.

Step 1. Click or tap on the 'Program' you require a session.

Step 2. Click or tap the mentor 'profile' you would like a session with.

Step 3. Ensure you 'Send a Message' to the mentor before requesting a session.

Step 4. Once you have organised a session date and time via message, it's now time to book your session. Click or tap 'Request Session'.

Step 5. Add all the session details, ensuring the session date and time are in the future.

  • Your Program ( Select the program you need help with)

  • Your Location - You must select the 'Online Video' option.

  • Your Session Date (Ensure the selected date is in the future)

  • Your Session Time (Ensure the selected time is in the future)

  • Your Select Duration (Select the session duration - it is better to overestimate your time. The session time can be altered by the mentor when they complete the session )

Step 6. A unique video room will be created when you click or tap Location > Online Video on the session request.

Step 7. Double check your session details then click or tap 'Request Session'.

Step 8. If you receive a confirmation message, your session request was successfully sent to the mentor.

Step 9. The pending session request will be available on your dashboard or under the 'Sessions page > Pending'.

Note: The mentor will have 12 hours to accept the session request between 6am and 10pm.

After 12 hours have elapsed, if no action has been taken by the mentor, your session request will expire and the booking will automatically decline.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to contact your mentor using our in-app messaging feature before you book a session to confirm what times and days they are available, and to notify them of your upcoming booking request.

Step 10. The mentor will 'Accept' 'Decline' or "Reschedule' your session request.

Step 11. Here is a helpful article on 'how a online session works' - ensure you read this article to prepare for your online session.