What are 1:1 sessions?

What is a 1:1 session?

A 1:1 session sees someone with experience or knowledge – a mentor – guide and support a person with less experience or knowledge – a mentee – in order to help them unlock their full potential.

The relationship that exists between a mentor and mentee is rooted in learning, development and a shared commitment to an achievable set of objectives.

How does a 1:1 session Work?

When a mentee wants to reach out and access help using the Vygo platform, after browsing the mentors available to them in their chosen category, the mentee needs to request a session.

Session Capacity

The capacity of that session will be two people: the mentor and the mentee only, which ensures a tailored, intimate and hands-on approach to learning.

Session Location

Though the location for a 1:1 session can be specified when the program is initiated and set up, the majority of institutions opt for either on-campus or online meetings for reasons of both convenience and safety.

Note: Mentors could be Buddies,Supporters,Tutors or anyone who is offering support to students in their academic journey!: