How Do I Remove a Message From My Inbox?

Occasionally, you might want to remove a message from a conversation thread.

For example, perhaps you sent something that is no longer relevant and you’d like to erase it before the other person sees.

From your inbox – which can be accessed via the menu – click on the thread containing the message you’d like to delete.

To the left of each of your messages, there is a minus icon. Click or tap the minus icon, and a menu will pop up giving you the option of removing the message. Once you hit ‘remove message’, that message will be erased for both parties.

At Vygo, we take harassment, abuse and the safety and security of our users very seriously.

If ever someone sends you a message on the Vygo platform that makes you feel uncomfortable or breaches any of our Terms and Conditions, you can report that message to us using the flag icon next to the other persons messages.